Christkindl Market Sponsorships

Estimated attendance: 100,000+

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Please call: (303) 837-1146

This year’s Denver Christkindl Market is brought to you by these companies:


Holland & Hart USA: Integrated Solutions Holland & Hart LLP delivers integrated legal solutions to regional, national, and international clients of all sizes. Since its inception in 1947, Holland & Hart has grown into a full-service law firm of more than 440 lawyers in 15 offices across the Mountain West and in Washington, D.C. We stand apart in our footprint based on the breadth and depth of experience we offer, and our client-driven culture is personalized, responsive, and innovative.

new kaercherKärcher North America: Kärcher is the leading manufacturer of commercial, industrial and consumer cleaning equipment and technologies in North America.  As a worldwide leader in cleaning technology we will continue to distinguish ourselves in the future with inventive spirit, top-class performance and innovative cleaning solutions.

Paulaner Hpaulanerhpusa_logo_smallP USA: Paulaner HP USA is a consortium of world-class European beers and fine wines. We represent 7 breweries in Germany, Belgium, Italy, England, Ireland, and the USA with 29 different styles of beers and 1900 years of brewing experience. Paulaner HP USA also represents 3 italian vineyards: San Felice, Monfalleto, Vigna Dogarina; and Germany’s Binderer Rheinhessen Vineyard. The brands we currently carry are Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, Fuller’s Ales, O’Hara’s, Fruli, Birra Dolomiti, Dixie, Vigna Dogarina, Fiero Noce, Villa Granda, and Cavallina.

We are excited to have these companies as our sponsors for this year’s event. If you would like to become a sponsor or find out more about sponsorship opportunities please contact us at sponsorship@gacc-co.org